leaning into summer somehow


30 may 2022

when i was a kid, it felt like the summer heat never even touched me. i acquired a calico of sunburns across my back and shoulders with nary a complaint. i enjoyed picking the dead skin away; it felt ritualistic, sort of a baptism-by-fire. as an adult, i have absolutely no patience for heat. i will gladly pay an extra $20 in utilities to laze like a fat cat in my air-conditioned, box-fan sprinkled apartment. these are the small luxuries that i work 40 hours a week for :)

my roommate/best friend is away for the weekend so i'm watching his pet bearded dragon. i've been playing guitar in his room and i noticed that every time i play, the bearded dragon (his name is pogchamp, yes he was named before the meme spontaneously combusted) turns his head towards me with his wan little saurian eyes and seems to be watching me. he's not very expressive but i think he likes it. i looked it up and apparently bearded dragons like soft gentle acoustic music, which i think i was providing. idk. i hope this impresses him, i really want him to like me. bearded dragons always look so surly and disaffected...

the common thread between every book i read is that no matter the genre there is almost always a mention of b.f. skinner. i don't know how this keeps happening but it gets more annoying each and every time